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Welcome to Do2Gether Community Site is a freedom alternative to YahooGroups™ or GoogleGroups™,
with more democratic features that you can personally control!
It's under construction for YOU by the Telematics Freedom Foundation.
Join us or Donate!

Unique Features for Democratic Organizing

Efficiently build consensus around any text. Integrate deliberations with internal webmail, chat, sms, phone or voip.

See the Current Features of our alpha version or try it now in a Live Demo!

See our Feature Roadmap to see how we intend to complete the platform and build a new exciting User Interface!

Join us and help us do that!

Total Freedom and Control over your Software, Data and Privacy!

For free, forever and for any future public modification or installation by anyone, you get the following rights and means to assert them:

Right to Use, without advertising
Right to Download, Install, Audit and Modify
Means to Verify All Source Code, at any given time, on all machines running any part of The Service. Read more...

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